Your wedding comes….and it was perfect! You worked very hard to make this day memorable and you succeeded. You heart warms up every time you reflect back on your special day. You can still hear the wedding bells chiming and the laughter of your guests as if it was yesterday. However, as time goes by, you realize that memories fade. Now, you can remember the main things, but have forgotten the little things like the decorations, weather, or what your father said in his toast. Furthermore, you only saw the wedding from your point of view. You never saw your spouse getting ready or the flower girl walk down the aisle.

Today, couples solve this problem by hiring a professional wedding videographer. Videography is a craft. Just like Photography, it’s a form of art, but it’s one that few master. With only one chance to get your memories captured right, it is very important to choose your wedding videographer wisely. A bad wedding video becomes nothing more than just proof of being married. A good wedding video will send you back in time to relive the many joys of the day.

In my experience, it seems that the video is what everyone tries to save money on, and is the last thing booked, but it doesn’t make any sense! Granted weddings are expensive, and you have to try to cut costs wherever possible, but videography should not be one of them. I’ve heard countless horror stories from newlyweds that realized after wedding that opting for a low budget video was a huge mistake. After all, once the wedding is over and you begin your lives together, your video will still be there. 20 years from now, your video will undoubtedly be a priceless family treasure of yours. These moments will only happen once.

So, what should you look for when choosing a wedding videographer? Check out a quick article I put together HERE.

Finally, I just want to wish you and your fiancé a wonderful wedding. I hope you have a stunning wedding video and your family will cherish it for generations to come.