1. What's the big deal about 3CCD Cameras?
The main thing....is that they are a whole lot more expensive! CCD means charge coupled device. It's a part of the camera that converts light into electric signals. 3CCD cameras separate the light into distinct RED, GREEN, and BLUE channels. This results in a finer picture and more vibrant colors. So essentially, the more CCDs, the more realistic the colors and atmosphere will look. Ordinary video cameras only have 1 CCD, and this just doesn't produce acceptable results.

2. How long is the edited DVD?
It really depends on what actually happens on the wedding day. but it is usually between 1-1 1/2 hours.

3. You are more expensive than most videographers...why?
Well, the rates will offer are the value of what we think our work is worth. It is actually HALF as much as we think our work is worth. We are very proud and have high regard for what we do, we continullay invest in new equipment and technology that will make the videos better, and we make sure that every client is more than satisfied with out work. We have no doubt that you wont think you paid too much afterwards.

4.Who picks the music?
It's up to you. If you have a particular song you want, I can edit to that song. If you don't, I can pick one for you based on what I know about you, or I can throw suggestions out there and have you pick from them.

5. How long will it take me to recieve my DVDs?
You will receive an edited copy for review between 2-4 weeks after the wedding. Considering we spend anywhere from 30-100+ hours editing, adding subtle visual effects, and enhancing colors, that's a pretty quick turnaround.

6. How do I go about booking you?
Just give us a call or email us, and we'd love to talk. We can throw ideas out or go ahead and talk specifics. However, we are not officially booked until we receive the intial 50% deposit and returned video agreement. At that point in time, we stop taking inquiries for the day of your wedding. We try to let you know if someone else is interested in your day, but sometimes we do end up talking to 6 or 7 brides all with the same day. It tends to get a little...eh unprofessional when we have to call every one and tell them "you better hurry because I'm talking to 4 more brides right now", so the earlier you book with us the better.

7. Do I have to feed you?
Food is not necessary. We do hope you will allow us a short break to eat during the reception though in our cars. It's actually more efficient because we can scarf down our food without having to be proper.

8. Why don't you do Photography?
Well, photography is awesome and I love it.....But I can only invest so many thousands into equipment. Video is my niche, so I sorta have to stick with it. I love doing it so that's totally fine with me. I would actually be weary to use a videographer that offered both photo and video...unless they just have a ridiculous amount of money to blow. My friend Brie, at U Designs Weddings is an AWESOME photographer though, and I would definitely check her out if you're interested in photography.