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Greenville SC Wedding Videography

Greenville, SC Wedding Videography
At Signature Wedding Films, we take pride in creating master-crafted, highly personalized wedding films for families to enjoy for generations. Coming from a corporate video production world, armed with tons of creative ideas and extensive editing capabilities, we were unofficially founded in 2005 to boldly redesign the state of SC wedding videography.

When my beautiful wife and I were married, the only thing we did not have was a videographer. I wish I did (I was trying to do it and get married at the same time), and I researched and researched for one, but just didn't get the impression from anyone that they were going to do it right. That should not be the case, and it is definitely not the case anymore. We are confident that you will be thrilled with your own deeply personal wedding video, and you'll always be able to pop in your dvd and remember exactly how the wedding was. How it sounded, how it felt.

Greenville, SC Event Videography
We specialize in wedding videography, but also shoot other events as well.

•Photo + Video Montages
•Family Story Videos
•Balls & Dances
•Live Performances
•Corporate Events
•DVD Duplications

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Greenville Wedding Videographer, Corey Richards, creates high-quality, cinematic wedding videos for SC, NC, and GA.
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