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Your wedding video should make you want to watch it again and again for as long as you both shall live. A good wedding video will record the experience, so that you can remember details long the first blush of wedded life has passed. A great wedding video will enable you to relive each moment of your wedding and re-experience the emotion of the day. The difference lies in how your video is filmed.

Timeless wedding videos go beyond providing a basic chronicle of your nuptials. They tell a story by weaving together all those special moments – some of which you may have even missed. From the bride getting ready and donning her gown to scenes of your guests at the reception, your wedding movie not only captures the joy of your wedding day, it actually increases the scope and range of the wedding experience itself. It also captures the joy that your family and guests have instead of it being a video focused entirely on you.

Our style is highly candid and unobtrusive. We don't get in the way. That said, we also take an artistic approach to everything we do and weave together the footage with the emotions in the air. We highly welcome bold and creative brides!!!

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Greenville Wedding Videographer, Corey Richards, creates high-quality, cinematic wedding videos for SC, NC, and GA.
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