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1. What is your travel fee to Greenville?
Please take a look at the Travel Policy here.

2. What's the big deal about 3CCD HD Cameras?

The main that they are a whole lot more expensive! CCD means charge coupled device. It's a part of the camera that converts light into electric signals. 3CCD cameras separate the light into distinct RED, GREEN, and BLUE channels. This results in a finer picture and more vibrant colors. So essentially, the more CCDs, the more realistic the colors and atmosphere will look. Ordinary video cameras only have 1 CCD, and this just doesn't produce acceptable results. Being HD, your wedding will have a pristine picture and will be able to still get shots even in low light situations.

3. How long is the edited wedding DVD?
It depends on what actually happens on the wedding day, but the video is usually between 1-1 1/2 hours.

4. You are more expensive than most wedding videographers...why?

Our rates reflect the quality of our work. We have a degree in our field and years of experience in the corporate and event video production world. We are very proud of, and have high regard for what we do - we continullay invest in new equipment and technology that make our videos look and sound better, actively research what industry trends are, and make sure that we go above and beyond for our couples. After you receive your wedding film, we're sure you'll be ecstatic that you chose quality of price.

5. We don't have a big budget, do you offer any kind of specials?
Yes, we do offer a few bonuses that can help with costs a tad. We have an early booking bonus, an off season bonus, and a referral bonus. For more info on each, just give us a call.

6. I don't know if I even want a video..there's so many options?!
Videography can be a little complicated, partly because it's a relatively new medium, and can definitely overwhelm you if you've already been planning all the other many details of the wedding. First of all, if you have any questions about anything, big or small, we're just a phone call or an email away. We'll be glad to meet with you or chat over the phone with you about your wedding and how videography can bests fit in for what you're needing.

Secondly, I would highly suggest that everyone have some sort of wedding video. Even if it's not the one with all day coverage and cool shots, I would suggest at least getting the ceremony covered by a professional videographer.
After all, the ceremony is the whole point of the day. With so many things involved in that short window of time
(the grooms face as he initially sees the bride, the parents and bridal party faces as they're taking it in, the vows, readings, etc.), you'll probably want this hour or so of your life to be documented well. For a visual reference, check out this video of "Uncle Charlie - the wedding videographer" at the bottom of our Pro vs Amateur article's funny, yet so true.

7.Who picks the music? Is it through the whole video?
It's up to you. If you have a particular song you want, I can edit to that song. If you don't, I can pick one for you based on what I know about you, or I can throw suggestions out there and have you pick from them. The music is only edited in on the highlights video. The rest of the wedding video will contain the audio from the wedding itself.

8. How long will it take me to recieve my wedding DVDs?
You will receive an edited copy for review between 4-16 weeks after the wedding. We typically spend between 100-200 hrs on our Creative Series Films to polish your wedding film and create something very personal to enjoy.

9. How do I go about booking you?
Just give us a call or email us - we'd love to talk. We can throw ideas out or go ahead and talk specifics. If possible, we'd love to meet with you and put a face with a name. We are not officially booked, however, until we receive the intial 50% deposit and returned video agreement. At that point in time, we stop taking inquiries for the day of your wedding. We try to let you know if someone else is interested in your day, but cannot turn away other couples interested in us without those two items

10. Do I have to feed you?
Food is not necessary, but more than welcome. For any event longer than 4 hours, we do require a 30 minute break though.

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