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Signature Wedding Films continually invests into the latest technology on the market. We've put a list below to give an overview of our gear, but if you're like to know more, we'll be glad to meet with you and show you more.

CAMERAS: To ensure the highest quality video  we use multiple, three-chip Pro Series High Definition cameras. HD Cameras are the latest in video production, and a MUST for low lighting conditions. Check out our article on why High Definition is important HERE

AUDIO: We use wireless microphones to capture your vows and speeches. Using wireless microphones reduces the ambient noise in the area and allows us to hone in on your voice. It is very small, and can be clipped onto groom's inside jacket pocket without being seen.

LIGHTING: Good lighting is one of the most important factors in filming because with video there is no flash. If a place is too dark, there's a chance video just wont be able to get it. 9 times out of 10 though, we don't need lighting. For extremely low lit situations, we may recommend letting us put a small light on a balcony or elevated area. We always asks beforehand though.

STABILIZATION + SPECIALTY GEAR: To make sure that your video is stable, and not constantly shaking from holding the camera, we use professional stabilization and Steadicam support systems. This allows us to "glide" over and around things. We also use a combination of other nifty gadgets to get particular shots.

EDITING EQUIPMENT: We are a Mac Studio (No PCS We use a combination of Final Cut Pro, Premier Pro, After Effects, & Photoshop to adjust coloration and turn the video into a film. Although a video can be edited in a day or two, we typically spend anywhere between 100-200 hours editing our Creative Series wedding films so that's it's a highly polished, deeply personal product in the end.
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Asheville Wedding Videographer, Corey Richards, creates high-quality, cinematic wedding videos for NC, NC, and GA.
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